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Select a time and date that works best for you.

For longer sessions, please contact us.


Sit back and enjoy your session as we handle the equipment.


Files will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Additional editing available. 


Take advantage of additional services, improved rates and more end to end service.

  • Can I come Solo or with with less than 4 guests?
    Yes! We modifiy the setup to suit any number of guests.
  • How quickly can I receive my files?
    An initial video with the live cuts is available immediately after the recording stops. If further editing or social media snipibts are requested, those are typically delivered within 72 hours.
  • Why would I need further editing?
    While the 'live' cut will satisfy most, we like to offer additional editing services so that your podcast can be as polished as possible.
  • Will I receive all audio and video files separately?
    Typically, no. However, we do have the capability of recording all cameras and microphones individually for even more in depth editing if a project would require. If you would like to receive all isolated files, we ask that you provide the drive to record to. Our system only takes Samsung T5 or T7 SSD's. Please contact us for more info.
  • Can I live stream from here?
    Yes! We have blazing fast internet and can stream to any platform.
  • Equipment specifics?
    Rode Rodecaster Pro Mixer (4) Shure SM7Bs with Boom Arms (6) Rode Podmics with Stands/Boom Arms (4) Cloud Lifters Mackie Headphones Sony a7iii Wide Angle , (2) Sony FX30's Atem Mini Pro Extreme ISO Live Switcher Streaming Computer Godox SL-60 with Lanter Modifier (2) Amaran 120w Lights (2) Amaran 2ft Tube Lights RGB Lighting
  • Can you help with uploading and promotion of the Podcast?
    Yes! Contact us for further information.
  • Do offering bookings by the hour or less?
    No. 90 minutes is our standard block.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    If you need to cancel your pre-booked session with us, we offer a full refund if given 48 hours notice. 50% of booking value for 24 hour notice. Anything less than 24 hours out will not be refunded.
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