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Why Podcasts and Video Go Hand-In-Hand

It is not that easy.

What is one thing that most popular podcasts have in common? Video. Short form video content is taking over the internet and is the number one way that podcasters are marketing their podcasts. If you follow any podcast on Instagram or Tik Tok, they are constantly posting short clips of funny moments, interesting topics, or conversations that will get people to share their opinion in the comments. According to Digital Information World, 15% of Instagram posts are video content and that is only expanding due to the rollout of Instagram Reels. Instagram/Facebook have over 4 billion combined users. Tik Tok has about 1 billion as well.

These social media platforms are prioritizing short form video content and placing it into peoples’ feeds using a precise algorithm. These algorithms put your content into the feed of people who are most likely interested in it. If you start a sports podcast, your clips will be put into the feeds of like minded people who enjoy watching other peoples’ sports opinions and engaging with them.

Not only is short form content vital in creating a successful podcast, but being able to upload full length podcast episodes to YouTube is a great way for people to check out your podcast and be able to see a visual alongside it.

Podcast listeners like being able to connect the voice that they listen to with the person that is talking. By utilizing a podcast studio with a high quality camera setup, you can ensure that you are taking the right steps towards having content to push out in a professional way that will only attract new listeners through the use of social media algorithms.

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